Q-Mist Hydrogen

Water Generator



The Smallest Supersonic H2 Mister! Hydrogen rich water diffuser is next thing to take your skin to the next level. Infusing mineral water with fine molecular hydrogen, your skin can now be revitalized like never before.

With many medical studies available for the benefits of using hydrogen therapy for skin, drinking, and gas intake Qlife is proud to present to you the Q-Mist.

Diffusing Hydrogen Rich Water for Ultimate Skin Moisturizing Antioxidant , Shrink Pores, Moisturizing, and Anti-acne

Product Features

  • Portable and Easy to Use

  • Turn any mineral water into hydrogen rich mist instantly.

  • High grade Titanium + Platinum coating Electrodes.

  • High Quality Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery.

  • Battery capacity 500mAh Lithium Polymer Battery last over 2 hours continuous use

  • NEW Black Diamond series

Club Harmony offers you 1 (one) year manufacturing warranty

Q-Mist Hydrogen Water Generator



Hydrogen Rich Water up to 1900 ppb

Measured in room temperature of about 25 degrees and the hot water at 42 degrees after 5 minutes into the hydrogen generation process. You can see that the hydrogen levels can reach up to 1900ppb of hydrogen rich water.

Q-Spa Hydrogen Bath Genie

The Q-Spa will transform your ordinary bath’s into a transdermal therapy spa infusing your bath water with hydrogen rich gas. The released bubbles moving against your body will be absorbed by the pores of the skin, inhaled through your lungs providing deep soothing, relaxing health benefits.

Hydrogen Transdermal Skin Therapy

Many studies have shown benefits to molecular hydrogen therapy and now you can also enjoy rejuvenating effects of hydrogen rich water in the comforts of your own home.

Swiss Made Titanium Plates Dipped in Platinum

Carefully Engineered to provide the best & highest quality hydrogen rich bath.

Infuse Your Body With Hydrogen Rich Water.
The Q-Spa can generate up to 1900 ± 200 ppb.

Club Harmony offers you 1 (one) year manufacturing warranty

ORP (Antioxidants) up to -665mV

The Redox potential or ORP can be seen in the same test to reach up to – ORP of 665mV. On both tests the cover has been removed to effectively get a good reading from the Q-Spa.